You have to remember that AS/400 is an ebcdic machine.
That is why ' ' == chr(64), and not chr(32), and ' ' == '%', and not ' '.
This is not a big issue as long as you know it.
This is also why some of the test cases fails. 
When you use modules that expects ascii data (binascii, base64 ...), 
you must remember to encode your data to ascii. (s.encode('ascii'))
Unicode search in sre module is broken. 
Pyc files can not be shared with an ASCII computer. 
There are problems with some packages, the email package is one of them. 


Source files special for the AS/400 are here.(you don't need this)


2003-09-27   Python2.3.1
2003-08-01   Python2.3
2003-05-18   Bug fix in db2 and os400 module
2002-11-09   Python2.2.2. db2 module.
2002-04-23   Python2.2.1
2001-12-26   Python2.2
2001-11-09   A few bugs fixed. Changes in File400 and os400, new modules.
2001-05-14   Python2.1, some bugs fixed.
2001-04-09   Bugs in some modules fixed (binascii, binhex, base64, zipfile).
                      Added dynamic loading.
2001-03-28   Some bug fixes.
2001-03-05   Some bug fixes.
2001-02-15   New module os400. (data area and program call)
2001-02-15   Some File400 bug fixes and changes.
2001-02-09   os.system() no longer spawns a new process, use spawn for that.
2001-02-09   File400 takes keywords, new keyword qry (a wrapper for opnqryf).
2001-02-07   Fixed ccsid problem and some bugs in File400.
2001-02-04   Added File400 class.
2001-01-29   More bugs fixed.
2001-01-26   Repr fixed.
2001-01-26   Unicode fixed.

Known Issues